Urban Agriculture

Cultivating change

with urban agriculture

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Urban Agriculture

Urban farming with MicroHabitat

Integrating urban farming into your building is a sustainable and meaningful initiative. In addition to improving your organization's environmental footprint, it brings people together around a project that mobilizes and contributes to building local and resilient food systems. Our team of experts take care of every elements of the project with our turnkey service.

Urban Agriculture


Urban agriculture is a powerful tool for transforming our society on many levels. Be part of this change with us.

  • Urban Agriculture


    • Urban Agriculture Help build a healthy city for all
    • Urban Agriculture Take part in the development of a local and sustainable food system
    • Urban Agriculture Support local food banks
    • Urban Agriculture Help feed the young people from your city
  • Urban Agriculture


    • Urban Agriculture Revalue and optimize your unused spaces
    • Urban Agriculture Improve your organization's environmental footprint
    • Urban Agriculture Support biodiversity
  • Urban Agriculture


    • Urban Agriculture Engage members of your organization
    • Urban Agriculture Invest in the productivity and satisfaction of your employees
    • Urban Agriculture Make your business shine
Urban Agriculture
Urban Agriculture

Cultivate change with MicroHabitat

Let our team of urban farming specialists help you implement the best project for your organization.

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